Saturday, November 5, 2011

Almost Done

We are almost done with the "thank you" cards and such. You see, I planned on giving out burned CDs or printed pictures of the wedding reception and honeymoon/vacation.

It's kind of a lot of work. Right now, I've got a whopping $10 or so to make it til payday, so any prints will just have to wait. And mailing. ...oh joy.

Update on bed bugs: The exterminator came back to spray and only found 1 live bed bug (which he/she so kindly left on the TV). He/she sprayed the entire apartment too. I could still see the spray marks on the walls and lots of white stuff on the floor.
Sadly, we've gotten bitten a lot more so we are hoping this last spray would really kill all if not most of them.
Sadly-er, we are broke and cannot do laundry. EEP. And we are too scared to bring our linen to a friend's house for fear of them getting bed bugs.

Our cats had to hang out all day in our friend's bathroom. When I had to pick them up, they were not happy. But they were really happy to go back home.

Once the thank you cards are completed, I plan on overhauling my website, Updating it, revising it (cleaning up the code), and --if I feel like it--redesigning it. I plan on making a logo for me (that I like and will keep, instead of deciding that I hate it and toss it out the window and sketch out 50 more thumbnails of possible logos for me).

See you later, space cowboy.

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